Day 3 of #100daysofcode challenge #python

 Hello everyone, It's day 3 of the #100daysofcode challenge, I was not well today, I had a headache, and I also have an exam tomorrow, but I reminded myself that I took a pledge to complete #100daysofcode challenge, so I went up and did #day3s work. As I'm not well I might be able to write a detailed article, let me give a  brief overview of what I learned today.

day 3 of #100daysofcode challenge

On day 3 I learned about the following:

  • Flow Charts
  • If/else Conditional statements
  • Nested if and Elif  statements
  • Multiple If Statements in Succession
  • Logical Operators
  • Modulo Operator and much more

On Day 3 of my #100daysofcode challenge, I also completed various coding exercises like:
  • [Interactive Coding Exercise] Odd or Even?
  • [Interactive Coding Exercise] BMI 2.0
  • [Interactive Coding Exercise] Leap Year
  • [Interactive Coding Exercise] Pizza Order Practice
  • [Interactive Coding Exercise] Love Calculator
 On day 3 I also created a project, and the project was "Treasure Island", basically a game.

That's it 

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