Day 1 of #100dayscode challenge

Hello Friends, It's my first day learning python programming, actually not the first day, let me give a brief intro about myself

100 days of python

About me:

I am currently doing my electronics engineering, but have a passion to learn programming, I know basics of some programming languages like C, HTML, CSS, and python, but haven;t mastered any of them, so today(27/04/2023) I took pledge to master pyton programming from scratch, so  I bought "100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2023" on from Dr. Angela Mam!, it's my first date and I know most of the things which i learned earlier, so i will share you what i leaned, so let's see.

On first date i learned:

  • Printings function in python
  • String manipulation in python
  • Basic error handling in python
  • Python input function
  • Commenting in python
  • Variables in python
  • Variable Naming
and much more on the first date:

from tomorrow i will also be sharing the code i will be writings

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